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This documentary sheds light on the Tulsa community after the 1921 Massacre in which the filmmaker Terry Baccus and executive producer Karen Reese have shown the aftermath of the Massacre in such a realistic way that will bring emotional compassion. 

“As they have given the title to the main theme of the film “From the People, For the People”.



Karen Reese says, “My project is valuable because it tells the stories of people from the Greenwood community after the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre”. As per the executive producer, she has tried to portray the ground realities of the effects of the 1921 Massacre on the whole community of Black People that were living in Tulsa.

She further adds, “We will achieve telling the story of the history of Greenwood to thousands of people that never knew about the Massacre at all. While also educating everyone on the aftermath of what’s been going on after the rebuilt of Greenwood in 1925.” You can check more of her views on her Facebook page as well.


Terry Baccus: Producer of Greenwood Ave Project

The founder Terry Baccus of “Shine Make An Impact” named the production company “Can I Play Production LLC. He is a local native of Tulsa Oklahoma and Greenwood District Tour Guide. He has got 3 children and has been interviewed by BNC Black News, News on 6, Fox soul, Fox 23, Vanishing Postcards, KJRH-TV-Chanel 2, CGTN America, The History Chanel, featured in Scott Ellsworth book called The Ground Breaking, Bank Greenwood, KTUL-channel 8, Dance Hustle Radio, and Daily Advent.



Karen Reese: Executive Producer


The executive producer of this movie is Karen Reese who is the founder of “Can I Play Production LLC.” She has been in the production line since 2017 when she produced her first documentary series called “Path to the Draft: 7 DeSoto U Players” and she is currently producing a sports moms talk show called “Can We Talk Sport”.

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